This course aims at introducing the students to aspects of lexicography that are thought to be related to translation. To achieve this task, students are required to develop their competence in the use as well as the knowledge of both English and Arabic monolingual dictionaries, as well as bilingual dictionaries. They are also encouraged to increase their awareness of practical applications of the study of the lexicon through the continuous use of their dictionaries throughout the course.

This course introduces students to Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) highlighting its success and failure in comparison to human translation. It attempts to train the students in the practical use of the computer assisted translation focusing on the problems, difficulties, advantages and shortcomings of this type of activity. It also introduces the students to some of the latest translation software at the local market. The advantages aswell as the limitations of such programmes would be discussed with a some attention given to the translation of specific types of texts.

When the student has chosen a topic, the project preparation will be carried out under the supervision of one of the professors in the programme. The student should meet his/her supervisor once a week to work on the preparation and the writing of the project.

The students will be credited with (IP) for this term until they finish their projects by the end of the second term of the second year.

As students are expected to finish their MA projects' writing-up by the end of the second term of the second year, they continue to meet their supervisors for one hour a week to complete their projects requirements.

Course Objectives:

  • Enabling students to form a general idea about the nature of translation
  • Training students in written translation from English into Arabic
  • Sensitizing students to translation problems between the two languages as well as introducing them to some translation methods
  • Preparing students to translate general and specialized texts

Course Description:

Students are trained in translation from English into Arabic. Short but graded texts (from the simplest to the most difficult) are translated and discussed. Throughout this course (and indeed in every other practical course throughout the programme) students are introduced to some translation methods and procedures.

Course material: The material for this course should be based on a selection of texts from various fields and various types.

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