Reading and Writing in English as a Foreign Language (731585-3)

This course, as a part of the MA in Applied Linguistics programme, offers an investigation into the theories, practices, strategies, techniques, etc. that Reading and Writing in English as a Foreign Language, a sub-discipline of English Language Teaching encompasses around the globe. Students are expected to develop awareness and appreciation of the fundamental principles involved in teaching EFL, with particular emphasis on Reading and Writing, and conduct a field-based inquiry.

EFL Materials Selection and Adaptation - Dr. Shadyah

The aim of this course is to analyze and discuss some of the theoretical and methodological issues which are relevant to second language acquisition research.Topics to be discussed include (but not limited to): 1) maturation vs. continuity; 2) initial vs. final state; 3) ultimate attainment; 4) acquisition of functional categories/features; 5) critical period hypothesis; 6) L2 morphosyntax; 7) optionality....